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September 2016: 
Undergrad Annie Gilbert begins her tenure as a 2016-2017 Presidential Undergraduate Research Scholar (PURS). Annie is working on the supramolecular anion sensing project. Congratulations Annie! 

Jeremy Bard joins the group as a Fall rotation student. Welcome Jeremy! 

Dr. Blake Tresca accepted a post-doc position at The Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. 

Dr. Kara Nell accepted a post-doc position at The Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. 

August 2016: 
Dr. Dave Marsh has accepted a professor position at Alfred State University (Alfred, NY). Thank you for your time in the group Dave and good luck in NY! 

Chris Thomas joins the group as a Fall rotation student. Welcome Chris!

July 2016: 
Kara Nell and Blake Tresca defend their PhDs. Congratulations Dr. Kara and Dr. Blake!!

June 2016: 
Lizzie, Meredith, and Lisa all successfully passed their advancement exams this Spring! Congratulations on becoming PhD candidates! 

John Z. has joined the DWJ/Haley cohort to work on the supramolecular probe project. Welcome John! 

Kara and Blake will defend their dissertations on July 15. 

SupraSensor, a spin-off company from our sensing project, is featured in an NSF Science Nation video! Profs. Darren and Mike Haley and lab members Blake and Ryan are all featured in the video! 

Our Projects

Supramolecular Main Group Chemistry
Inorganic Clusters
Anion Binding

About the Lab

Research in the group explores problems in coordination chemistry and organic synthesis using the relatively new field of supramolecular chemistry as a tool. Research projects include developing specific metal chelators for a variety of toxic and environmentally hazardous metals; using organic reactions to mediate inorganic cluster formation; designing efficient syntheses of nanoscale organic cage structures through supramolecular intermediates; and using multiple weak interactions within small molecule receptors to target environmentally and biologically relevant substrates. The research in the group spans a diverse range of disciplines: organic synthesis of ligands and receptors; inorganic chemistry of supramolecular coordination complexes and inorganic clusters; computer modeling and ligand design; analytical chemistry of metal extractants; solution thermodynamics of host-guest and metal-ligand complexes; and materials science of supramolecular assemblies. The characterization of these nanoscale molecules requires investigation by X-ray crystallography, calorimetry, multidimensional NMR techniques and other spectroscopic methods.
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