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News and Events

August 2016: 
Dr. Dave Marsh has accepted a professor position at Alfred State University (Alfred, NY). Thank you for your time in the group Dave and good luck in NY! 

Chris Thomas joins the group as a Fall rotation student. Welcome Chris!

July 2016: 
Kara Nell and Blake Tresca defends their PhDs. Congratulations Dr. Kara and Dr. Blake!!

June 2016: 
Lizzie, Meredith, and Lisa all successfully passed their advancement exams this Spring! Congratulations on becoming PhD candidates! 

John Z. has joined the DWJ/Haley cohort to work on the supramolecular probe project. Welcome John! 

Kara and Blake will defend their dissertations on July 15. 

March 2016:
Meredith is awarded 2016 NSF GFRP Fellowship!! Congratulations Meredith! Lisa is awarded 2016 NSF GFRP Honorable Mention

Chris Vonnegut defends his PhD. Congratulations Dr. Vonnegut! 

SupraSensor, a spin-off company from our sensing project, is featured in an NSF Science Nation video! Profs. Darren and Mike Haley and lab members Blake and Ryan are all featured in the video! 

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